About COSI

Strategic Areas of Focus

In addition to offering experiences that highlight basic concepts of science, COSI is placing emphasis on exploring the areas below, which have been identified as being critical to the future of our community and to incorporate the real work of science and technology professionals.


Energy & Environment

COSI is developing experiences and activities that demonstrate a systems approach to environmental science and that showcase COSI as a sustainable "green" free-choice learning institution.

Technology & Innovation

COSI seeks to bring real scientists and real researchers into COSI to showcase local innovation and invention through exhibits, programs, special events, and other activities.

Health & Medicine

COSI is working to highlight the vast array of community resources related to health and medicine while bringing the public information that they can use to create better, more healthy lives.

Early Childhood Education

COSI aspires to be the “go to” place for families with young children for activities, parties, workshops, and parenting information.