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COSI's Identity Statement

COSI is about inspiring interest in science and encouraging people to want to learn more about their world.

COSI... A Trusted Community Resource


When a committee of COSI team members from different divisions worked together to create our identity statement several years ago, each vice-president, along with myself, placed a framed plaque of those words on our desks as we believed they truly described what COSI is about. We also posted flyers with these words throughout the employee areas of the building because we wanted the COSI team to remember that COSI is a trusted community resource, and we have proudly held that distinction for almost 50 years. Of course, there is much to be proud of; over the years we have offered many programs and experiences that demonstrate we are a diverse and inclusive science center:

  • We offer special events that encourage girls to discover science and meet female role models,
  • We provide field trips that give high school students the opportunity to meet leading scientists who are culturally diverse,
  • We invite the general public to attend lectures that explore concepts across science and religion,
  • We make available multiple discounts that ensure all children can visit COSI regardless of their ability to pay,
  • We value the safety of all our guests and have installed signs with universal-design symbols throughout the building so most people can understand what to do in the case of an emergency regardless of their language.

Since 1964, COSI has welcomed over 22 million visitors from all 50 states and numerous foreign countries. We are proud to serve so many people of different backgrounds who are interested in science and visit COSI to learn more about their world and make informed personal and societal choices. COSI is an inclusive place where all members of this diverse community are encouraged to feel welcomed; and respect for every person is at the heart of all of our work. COSI values diversity and aspires to be an environment for our guests and our team, where diversity is understood, recognized, respected, and celebrated to enrich the community overall and the individual lives of all members of the community.


Our Diversity & Inclusion Vision

With the full support of our Board of Trustees, the COSI leadership is committed to diversity as an advantage for creating greater relevance in the community, business strength, and sustainability.

As a trusted community resource, COSI is a welcoming and sensitive place for all people regardless of gender, age, race, religious background, language, socio-economic status, ability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.

COSI recruits, hires, and develops a diverse team of people who value and respect differences so that everyone can bring their best to the workplace to maximize our community impact and business success.

As a recognized leader in the museum field, COSI is among the first to place diversity as a priority in our values and accountabilities, ensuring that real and relevant science is accessible for everyone.

COSI has accomplished a lot toward being a welcoming and sensitive place, but our work is not over. We recently appointed Azuka I. MuMin as our Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion. As a member of our leadership team she is leading the development of the diversity & inclusion strategy and execution for COSI. Please visit this webpage often as we update you on our plans. COSI is very proud to be part of this diverse, smart, and open community and we will continue to work hard to serve you as the #1 science center in the country. We welcome your feedback as we continue this very important work. Please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions or comments.


David Chesebrough

David E. Chesebrough
COSI President & CEO

COSI Partner | The Ohio State University

The Ohio State University, one of the country’s largest public research universities, and COSI, one of the nation’s largest and most innovative science centers, have formed a deep partnership — classified by some international leaders as “an example of what a 21st century science center should look like.” Building on one of the most intense partnerships known between a research university and science center, COSI and OSU have created a “center of science” at COSI where research, science, and university outreach are embedded into the fabric of everyday public, student, and family experiences. Guided by formal institutional co-commitments at the highest level, university researchers, faculty and students engage daily with the 600,000+ on-site guests to COSI and the tens of thousands engaged through interactive video conferencing outreach.


Wexner Medical Center and COSI – In Depth: Kidney Replacement Interactive Video Conferencing Program

COSI collaborated closely with the Wexner Medical Center at The Ohio State University to create a new Interactive Video Conferencing program, In Depth: Kidney Replacement, where students learn about a teen’s kidney transplant story by viewing taped footage from both the donor and recipient surgeries, which are narrated live by a member of The Ohio State University’s Comprehensive Transplant Team. This program is expected to reach thousands of high school students and the general public throughout the United States. The program launched in fall 2014.


Labs in Life@COSI - Dr. Caroline Whitacre

COSI features three, fully-working research laboratories within the Life Exhibition area that were created jointly by COSI and OSU. The research labs are designed in such a way to put research in the midst of our guest experience and allow the public to interact with the researchers by observing, asking questions, and participating where appropriate. Current researchers are from the areas of Pharmacology, Optometry, and Linguistics. Working with Dr. Caroline Whitacre, OSU Vice President of Research and COSI Board member, we jointly select researchers and their projects that are interesting and accessible to the public. The partnership has been extremely beneficial to both COSI and OSU. COSI guests are able to engage with working scientists in a robust and meaningful way, while OSU researchers have found that they can greatly expand the amount of research they can conduct by working on-site at COSI.


Center for Research and Evaluation (CRE) – Dr. Joe E. Heimlich

This joint initiative between OSU and COSI established a research center of eight researchers (four Ph.D. level researchers) specializing in research in informal learning. They design, implement, and support studies from the COSI space, using the glass faced area as another "window" into social science research and sharing what research is taking place at the time. The results of CRE’s work enhances the efficacy of scientific-cultural institutions throughout Ohio and beyond. Additionally, as an official OSU research site, COSI – through the Center - oversees and supports all on-site research activity.



WOSU digital media built their new HD TV studio within COSI’s facility to become the only PBS station to be housed within a science center in the U.S. The joint project was to create both a working TV station that could be observed in action by the public and a flexible space that allows for public exhibits and interactions to help the public understand the technology principles behind HD TV media. In addition to daily TV and guest operations, COSI and WOSU have partnered on numerous panel discussions hosted in WOSU@COSI where OSU professors and other notable speakers explore contemporary issues and hold public discussions around these topics.


Science Days:
Public Engagement with Ohio State Researchers and Students

COSI holds monthly science-themed days, many featuring scientists, engineers, researchers and graduate students to help guests explore a number of cutting edge science topics including nanoscience, materials science, engineering, and chemistry, to name a few. Science Days include OSU as well as community partners, corporations, and other experts to present a well-rounded exploration of the science topic being presented.


Partnership to Train STEM Professionals for Public Communication of Science

COSI works closely with various departments for The Ohio State University to train science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) professionals for communicating science to general public audiences. Programs include:

  • Communications courses in partnership with the Linguistics, Psychology and Education: Learning & Teaching Departments where training is provided on communicating science research in informal settings with an emphasis on experience development and presentation skills.
  • Portal to the Public program where cohorts of scientists work with COSI Educators who provide training to prepare them to share their research with public audiences through engaging and interactive experiences. Part of the experience to present their research to the public during one of COSI’s quarterly Science Days.
  • Pharmacy student rotation through the Pharmacology Lab in Labs in Life@COSI providing students with the opportunity to interact with guests and further develop their skills to communicate science and drug information to the public.

Strategic Areas of Focus

In addition to offering experiences that highlight basic concepts of science, COSI is placing emphasis on exploring the areas below, which have been identified as being critical to the future of our community and to incorporate the real work of science and technology professionals.


Energy & Environment

COSI is developing experiences and activities that demonstrate a systems approach to environmental science and that showcase COSI as a sustainable "green" free-choice learning institution.

Technology & Innovation

COSI seeks to bring real scientists and real researchers into COSI to showcase local innovation and invention through exhibits, programs, special events, and other activities.

Health & Medicine

COSI is working to highlight the vast array of community resources related to health and medicine while bringing the public information that they can use to create better, more healthy lives.

Early Childhood Education

COSI aspires to be the “go to” place for families with young children for activities, parties, workshops, and parenting information.

Young Professional Board

Made up of influential young adults and lively up-and-comers, the Young Professional Board supports COSI’s mission by planning and executing a signature annual fundraiser and several smaller events throughout the year. These events provide the opportunity for this terrific group of advocates to introduce philanthropy-minded young adults to COSI and encourage them to financially support the organization. Service on the Young Professional Board also allows participants to network with key community leaders, hone individual leadership skills and make a difference alongside their peers.



Kim Hames, Chair

Andy Lallathin, Chair Emeritus
Principal, Peak Property Group

Cara Adams
Account Supervisor, PRISM Marketing Communications

Mallory Black
Audit Senior, Ernst & Young

Christy Zistler, COSI Liasion

Rebecca Bibbo
Manager, Member Relations, The Ohio Society of CPAs

Paul Bilderback
Manager, Advisory Services, Ernst & Young

Mallory Black
Audit Senior, Ernst & Young

David Chambliss
Associate Director of Development, Ohio Weslyn University

Mike Copella
Vice President - Office Specialist, CBRE

Emma Crouser
Office Manager, Peak Property Group

Janelle Fedlam
Abercrombie & Fitch

Justin Gladieux
Nationwide Insurance

Shawn Knapp
Diversity and Inclusion, Abercrombie & Fitch

Albert Lai
Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Informatics, The Ohio State University

Greg Lehman
Owner/Distiller, Watershed Distillery

Katie Main
Community Volunteer

Kari Palmer

Jennifer Rieman
Assistant Manager, Public Relations The Ohio Society of CPAs

Sara Robertson
Marketing Manager, GBQ Partners LLC

Christie Rose

Jennifer Sanders
Recruitment and Retention Coordinator, Ohio Association of Community Health Centers

Alana Thompson
Glavan Imageworks

Erin Watrous
Account Coordinator, Creative Spot

Jonathan Will
Senior Vice President/Financial Advisor, LPL Financial

Matina Zenios
President, Artina Promotional Products

Alexis Zouhary
Associate, Jones Day


Financial Information

COSI is an independent, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that supports science education through many initiatives. Unlike many not-for-profit organizations, COSI only receives a small percentage of public or government operating funds.

2013 Financial Stats

COSI also receives help from community and organization volunteers.

In 2013, COSI had 10,363 volunteers contributing 108,738 hours (about $1.6MM in value)!

In addition, our Board of Trustees, Advisory Council, and Friends of COSI donate significant amounts of time to help further COSI's science education mission. If anyone can capture the attention of today's youth and inspire future generations of life-long learners, COSI can.


Access to COSI

COSI is dedicated to providing life long science learning opportunities that everyone has access to each year.

Family Access Memberships
Reduced price memberships for families with financial need or assistance.

Family Friday Night
COSI offers reduced price admission to families the last Friday of every month.

Reduced Admission for Teachers
Teachers receive $9.00 admission to COSI and reduced price memberships.

Military Personnel Discount
COSI offers reduced price admission and memberships to all Active, Reserve, and Retired Military with proper ID.