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Feed your child’s natural curiosity and love for play

Your young child can safely climb, slide, build, splash, imagine, and pretend in COSI’s little kidspace®. Designed and staffed by early education experts for children from birth through kindergarten, little kidspace promotes learning in a colorful and engaging atmosphere for little hands and growing minds. Once you experience little kidspace, you’ll be hard-pressed to convince your smallest scientists it’s time to go home.


Generations of change in the blink of an eye.

Travel through time and interact with the technology from 1898. Then turn a corner and find yourself generations later - in 1962 - in that same town.

In just sixty-four years, telegraphs gave way to television, Morse code to telephones, farmer’s markets to TV dinners. Stand on the corner of Hope Street and Fear Street in Progress and wonder: what will the future bring?


Life: The Story of You.

We are curious about our bodies, awed by the power of our minds, and eager to probe the depths of our own human spirit. COSI's Life exhibition tells the story of you through three areas: Body, Mind, and Spirit. From before birth to after death—and the many steps in between—Life explores what makes us human.


Crank the Biggest Gadget of All: Your Brain!

Gadgets solve problems, do work, and make us laugh. Try to lift your own weight in the pulley chair, split laser beams, and build a bridge. Reserve time in the Gadgets Café for a hands-on challenge. Take in a show on the Gadgets Stage for a guided exploration of physics, chemistry, engineering, and energy.
Warning: sometimes science can be loud!


See a working TV Studio

Experience the science behind broadcasting by touring WOSU@COSI, a working TV & radio studio. Participate in exciting hands on digital media activities, exhibits, and media literacy workshops!