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Catalyst: COSI's Celebration of Inspiration

To better share COSI's mission, we reinvented our evening gala to create a luncheon unlike any other.

You are the spark at COSI.
See the excitement you ignite at Catalyst: COSI’s Celebration of Inspiration. Our inaugural luncheon fundraiser will show your investment at work through engaging activities and inspiring stories from those who have been touched by COSI’s mission.

On May 14, 2013, COSI welcomed nearly 350 community leaders, corporate supporters and individual guests from around our community to Catalyst, a luncheon unlike any other. The program included lunch as well as exciting and educational hands-on science and stories highlighting COSI’s work in our community.

By attending COSI’s Catalyst luncheon, attendees are investing in a world-class center of science and industry that serves nearly one million people annually through our on-site programs and our vast outreach efforts. They chose to invest in the future of our community by providing COSI with the means to inspire the innovators, critical-thinkers and dreamers of tomorrow.

THANK YOU for making time for inspiration and joining us at Catalyst: COSI’s Celebration of Inspiration.

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