We’re Burning Our Prairie!

Nestled at the back of COSI, outside in Big Science Park, is a small patch of land that is our prairie. Prairies have been a part of Ohio’s natural landscape for thousands of years. They’re made up of special grasses and wildflowers that aren’t found in other habitats.

Early this year, we’ll be setting our prairie on fire like we last did in 2009 (see photo). Although we’re known for our explosion shows inside, this bit of outside combustion has a purpose too.
Inside the Prairie at COSI.

Saturday is Get Fit Family Day!

It’s a new year and many have made the resolution to get healthier.  Get Fit Family Day is Saturday (1/12) at COSI and is a great chance to get more information about how to keep our body healthy.  We have some fun activities planned and some great community partners coming out to help with the event.  Here is a schedule:
Photo from Get Fit Family Day.

Printing in 3D

In COSI's Teen Tech Studio, teens often ask about the cost of 3D printers.  And the answer is that it depends on a lot of big of a print area do you want?  Print quality?  Type of filament?  DIY kit? Etc.


A photo of the 3D printer at COSI.

A Floating City Above Venus?

Imagine an airship floating 30 miles above the surface of Venus - it's like something out of a Jules Verne novel. Right now, NASA is considering how to send astronauts to Venus in a floating city.


Congratulations to the European Space Agency on their Rosetta Mission and their lander, Philae, reaching the surface! For the first time in human history, a spacecraft has landed on a comet. This is an incredible feat - Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is moving more than forty times faster than a speeding bullet, is spinning, has a rough and rocky surface, and is ejecting gases. The European Space Agency launched Rosetta in 2004, so today is the culmination of 10 years of traveling through space for this one moment.
Here's an image taken from Philae as it approached the landing site earlier today.
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