Continue your making journey! Links to great websites and resources!

Almost everyday after a Maker Corps workshop a parent asks us, "where can I find other projects to do at home with my kids?". Well, here is a list of resources, electronics suppliers, and other cool links to enjoy at home to continue your making journey!
Photo of marker scribbler from Maker Programs.

Maker Corps is All About Design

Maker Corps is all about Design! again this week! Yesterday we made super secret spy periscopes! This was a really fun project! Guests got to make their periscopes, which was a bit of a challenge due to the math they had to do, but it made for a more satisfying finish. Then they got to decorate them however they wanted! Kids had tons of fun with these and even though there weren't any electronics it was still cool to look at the physics of the mirrors and how that worked.
Photo from weekend Maker programs.

2001 on the Extreme Screen: A Visual (and Sound) Odyssey

I love Stanley Kubrick's 1968 masterpiece, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

I've seen this epic space film dozens of times since childhood, probably once or twice in a movie theater, but almost always at home on TV.

Yet, in a way, I'd never seen 2001 before last month.

That's because I finally saw it on COSI's Extreme Screen.
Logo of the Soviet (now Russian) airline AEROFLOT visible on the shoulder bags of guests aboard Space Station 5.

Making is All About Trial and Error

I kicked off August in Big Kid Lab making paper flashlights! This is a project Leanna had done that I had been eager to do, however I was disappointed while teaching it to the Big Kid Lab staff that it only worked about half the time. So in true maker fashion we thought about ways to fix them to be easier to make for little hands and a higher rate of success. By cutting out the whole last connection we were able to come up with a way to make a button on the actual flashlight. As frustrating as it was that I hadn't had huge success at first with the project, making is all about trial and error and learning from failure.
Photo from Maker program.

COSI's High School YOU.edit Program

On Friday, July 26th, COSI's high school YOU.edit program culminated in a showing of student-made films in Galaxy Theater.

The program, supported by MacNeil/Lehrer and designed/operated in conjunction with WOSU's Shawn Likley, introduced teens to the various aspects of video production. Shawn and I led workshops on camera settings, lighting techniques, storyboarding, and editing.
Photo from YOU.edit programs.
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