Announcing My Retirement Plans

I write this blog post with mixed emotions.

I just announced my plans to retire at the end of 2016 to spend more time with our daughters' families (including our adorable grandchildren), caring for aging parents and spending more time traveling with my wife Dottie.

When I joined COSI in early 2006, we were struggling while still adapting to our new, larger building, different style of experiences and seemingly remote location.  The first picture of the simple COSI name on a blank wall captures some of the challenges at that time. 

web hallway pendulum 02

Over the last 10 years, working with our team, community leaders and partners, we have strengthened COSI's reputation, financial strength and positive impact.  We have been named the #1 science center in the country by Parent's magazine, we have won an international award for our "Center of Science" model with embedded partners like WOSU and OSU's Labs for Life, and we were chosen to show our best as hosts of the international conference of the Association of Science-Technology Centers in 2012. 


The Sky Is The Limit(less?)!

I just had one of the most pleasurable moments in my long education career sitting in the COSI Planetarium.

The audience was students from the Columbus City Schools as part of our partnership to give every 5th grader in the schools an experience at COSI.  Included in this experience was a show in our newly re-opened, digitally driven Planetarium.  The show was co-designed by our great team with the schools so the program met the 5th grade curricular needs.
Solar System Size Comparison

Oozing Pumpkin Experiment

Ahhh fall.  Changing leaves, apple picking, carving pumpkins, and the chance for some fall-related science!  As you can tell from my profile photo, I’m a Halloween girl - so any excuse I have to bring Halloween fun to an experiment, I’m in.

Photo of oozing pumpkins experiment.

The Lost Bird Project comes to COSI November 1st

Imagine heading out on a beautiful fall day to enjoy the splendors the season has to offer. Perhaps this journey takes the form of watching the leaves change color, heading to the pumpkin patch or apple orchard to gather from the abundant crops, or perhaps heading to your local coffee house to indulge in the latest pumpkin latte craze. Whatever your favorite seasonal pastime, 100 years ago you may have found that your day may also have included the skies darkening at high noon for hours on end. Strange as that may seem to us now, the massive colonies of passenger pigeons that would be migrating across the skies of the continental U.S. would make this natural phenomenon a common occurrence during the changing of the seasons.

Photo of passenger pigeons covering the sky.

Surge Columbus

Have you heard about the SURGE network?  Simply put, it is a collaboration between several Columbus institutions (including COSI) which offers free, technology-based learning opportunities for teens.  But attached videos will tell you much, much more...

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