An Egg-citing Member Weekend at COSI

At COSI, we love to see families having fun while learning together. Last weekend we provided the opportunity to do just that at our 2nd annual Member Eggstravagant Scavenger Hunt! This event was designed to combine COSI's unique brand of learning and fun with a traditional holiday festivity.

Unlike the typical egg hunt, the Eggstravagant Scavenger Hunt gives COSI member families the chance to earn eggs and prizes by answering exhibit-based riddles and completing family challenges.
Photo from COSI Member Egg Scavenger Hunt Event

A Special Day!

Exactly 49 years ago today, COSI opened its doors on Easter Sunday in the old Memorial Hall on 280 E. Broad St.

Sandy Hallock (read more about him at had developed a dream for a new Columbus institution based on his lifelong interest in science and technology. His enthusiasm and vision gained the critical support of Hershel Stephan, Walter English, Preston Wolfe and the Franklin Historical Society Board (including Tad Jeffrey as a member). On opening day they welcomed over 5,000 people to see this new entity, COSI, helping launch a new era of what has become known as the worldwide science center movement -- with COSI one of its recognized founders and leaders.

A photo of 280 East Broad Street

March Ratness at COSI

Every spring, March Madness sweeps the nation, turning even the most casual basketball fan into a rabid, number-crunching, bracket-obsessed enthusiast. But at COSI, we're in on the hoops hype every day, year-round, with fierce showdowns of our own.

We're talking rat basketball.
Rat Basketball at COSI

Think Like Einstein on his Birthday

The wild frock of hair. The mischievous grin and sad, puppy dog eyes. And, of course, the famous equation E=mc2. The one scientist almost everyone knows not just by name but even by sight is, of course, Albert Einstein. He’s become a synonym for genius; so smart, so beyond our ordinary ways of thinking, that we don’t have any chance of understanding his ideas.

And yet, that part of the legend is simply not true. You can understand some of Einstein’s most exciting discoveries, and you won’t need an advanced degree in physics to do it. All it takes is a little imagination. As Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” What better way to celebrate Einstein’s 134th birthday than by recreating in our own minds one of his most astonishing discoveries?


Seeing Shadows

Groundhog Day approaches! Legend has it that if the groundhog, a large rodent related to squirrels and chipmunks, sees its shadow on February 2, we’re in for six more weeks of winter. If, on the other hand, the shadow stays hidden, we’ll have an early spring.

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