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Recapping our Four Week Preschool Workshop Series: Science of Performing Arts

This fall our preschool workshop guests participated in a four week series titled the Science of Performing Arts. Using music, dance, and dramatic expression the child and adult participant combo investigated the states of matter and related that exploration to the performing arts. We explored big ideas such as:
  • I can learn about science through kinesthetic experiences using music, dance and drama. Science learning can be an active experience!
  • I can use the performing arts to make connections to learning about the phases of matter i.e. solids, liquids, and gases.
  • With modeling and support I can explore the properties of objects and materials.
  • I can use imagination and creativity to interact with objects and materials. I can engage in inventive social play.
Photo from early childhood education workshop.

Kids Explore the Science of Building

Thanks to the PNC Grow Up Great Grant, Meghan Zorne's preschool classroom at Fifth Avenue International, had the opportunity to participate in COSI's preschool outreach, 3,2,1...Build It program. Children and teachers truly enjoyed experimenting with measuring tools, building, and interacting with one another during this class. Take a look at what the children discovered:
Photo from preschool workshop.

An Honor to be Named CEO of the Year

Wow! How Did That Happen?

Last night I was on stage with well-known and respected community leaders like George Barrett, Chairman & CEO of Cardinal Health and Dr. Steve Allen, CEO of Nationwide Children's Hospital receiving my award as a fellow Columbus CEO of the Year. I really wondered how I ranked with the likes of those two and the others which made up our cohort of six leaders being honored by Columbus CEO magazine through a survey conducted by Capital University that went to 4,000 CEOs around our region.
An Honor to be Named CEO of the Year

Exploring Bones in little kidspace

On Sunday, during COSI's Family Workshop: The Body, children learned about bones in their body and how they could use their body to discover science through hands-on activities. Family Workshops are for children ages 0-6 and their accompanying adults. Activities are developmentally appropriate and align with Ohio's Early Learning Content Standards.

Children had the opportunity to discover about bones and x-rays. They closely examined X-rays on a light table which helped them to better see the images as light shined through them. One child found it helpful to place the x-ray on a whiteboard and to look at it from a further point. It helped her to really see the different parts of the x-ray—the ribs specifically for this one.
Photo from Family Workshop.

A New Look in little kidspace

We have been so pleased with the reception of the second phase of renovations to little kidspace®, which opened in late September. Driving the renovation is COSI's desire to stay current with best practices to continue to provide high quality, developmentally appropriate experiences for our guests, as we recognize the importance of the first years in a child's life.
Photo of little kidspace.
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