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Exploring Bones in little kidspace

On Sunday, during COSI's Family Workshop: The Body, children learned about bones in their body and how they could use their body to discover science through hands-on activities. Family Workshops are for children ages 0-6 and their accompanying adults. Activities are developmentally appropriate and align with Ohio's Early Learning Content Standards.

Children had the opportunity to discover about bones and x-rays. They closely examined X-rays on a light table which helped them to better see the images as light shined through them. One child found it helpful to place the x-ray on a whiteboard and to look at it from a further point. It helped her to really see the different parts of the x-ray—the ribs specifically for this one.
Photo from Family Workshop.

A New Look in little kidspace

We have been so pleased with the reception of the second phase of renovations to little kidspace®, which opened in late September. Driving the renovation is COSI's desire to stay current with best practices to continue to provide high quality, developmentally appropriate experiences for our guests, as we recognize the importance of the first years in a child's life.
Photo of little kidspace.

What's a Sundog?

Leaving work yesterday, a co-worker and I discovered something strange happening in the sky. I'll be the first to tell you that I'm not so amazing with the earth sciences but luckily we were walking out with a few people who are and were told that we were looking at a "sundog." Curious by nature, I had to figure out what that meant exactly.
Photo of a sundog.  Copyright Jaclyn Reynolds

Upcoming events for inspiring innovators and entrepreneurs

Started Friday morning at OSU's Wake Up Start Up event and got to hear a pitch from Dr. Melissa Bailey for her IXM mobile eye exam concept. Dr. Bailey works with COSI as part of our Labs in Life. This gave her access to lots of COSI guests as subjects to gather her normative data. We're glad to be a part of this innovative entrepreneurial idea.

COSI Management Geeking Out

I am a proclaimed Geek. No apologies.

With one of my degrees in Physics I watch Big Bang Theory faithfully and say "those are my peeps!"

Can't say the same for some of the talented members who make up the diversity of our Vice Presidents helping support COSI's team. They love and are dedicated to COSI, but I don't think any of them ever got excited and built their own stereo or mess around at home with Robot kits.
Gadgets Cafe Demonstration
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