It all started with a Big Bang.

Find out how and find out how we know that!

The Universe used to be filled with hot, dense matter, smoothly distributed across a rapidly expanding space.  How did that become the complex Universe of clustered stars and galaxies that we see today?  That complexity includes humans who can figure out the history and future of the Universe by careful observations that bridge its vast distances and enormous age!

Exploring the Science of Cold

Recently at COSI, toddlers were busy engaging scientific inquiry through explorations of all things COLD!  In our Friday morning and Saturday morning Cold Science workshops, toddlers and their caregivers investigated really cool, wet, and dry experiments and connected with literacy through Keith Baker’s story, No Two Alike.
Photo from early childhood education workshop.

Building a City in BigKidLab

In COSI’s Big KidLab, children have been working hard to design and build a city. Using recyclable materials such as milk jugs, egg cartons, cardboard, yogurt containers, and much more, children have become inspired to create a meaningful addition for the city.

COSI team members and adults have encouraged children to think about what is in a city. What structures are in a city? What does a city need? What did you see outside on your way to COSI? What do you wish a city could have? 
Photo of city build project in BigKidLab.

Exploring Building and Construction

On November 26th, Ms. Erin Decamella’s preschool classroom at East Columbus Elementary acted as construction workers during the preschool outreach program, 3,2,1…Build It. Children put on construction vests, picked out tools to use, measured, and worked together and side-by-side during this class. Take a look.
Exploring Building and Construction

Preschool Outreach at Easthaven

Thanks to PNC Grow Up Great Grant another Columbus City Preschool Classroom got to participate in COSI's preschool outreach program, 3,2,1...Build It. Ms. Cindi Blaha's classroom in Easthaven Elementary had a wonderful time acting as construction workers and builders on November 19th. Let's take a look at their experience and findings.
Photo from preschool outreach program.
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