The Sky Is The Limit(less?)!

I just had one of the most pleasurable moments in my long education career sitting in the COSI Planetarium.

The audience was students from the Columbus City Schools as part of our partnership to give every 5th grader in the schools an experience at COSI.  Included in this experience was a show in our newly re-opened, digitally driven Planetarium.  The show was co-designed by our great team with the schools so the program met the 5th grade curricular needs.
Solar System Size Comparison

The Russians Are Coming!

When COSI is closed to the public, we try to get a few things done around here that we couldn’t otherwise with people in the building.  And nowhere else can I get to see as many cool things as I do or meet the special people who get associated with COSI.

This Monday was no exception.

Getting ready for our upcoming Top Secret: License to Spy exhibition, we used a crane to lift a 3,000+ lb., 40 ft. long RUSSIAN missile from the atrium up to level two. As you can see in the video, this event was quite a spectacle! But, I would contend that the story behind the missile is equally compelling.
Photo of the SA-2 Missile in Top Secret: License to Spy

Human Vision and a Dress

At COSI we love to keep up with news items that relate to science. Today we were excited to see social media abuzz with people talking about a topic that at first seemed frivolous but provides a great way to talk about physics, evolutionary biology, and the physiology of the human visual system. Wired usually has great articles that tackle science topics in a fun way and this article by Adam Rogers where he interviews several neuroscientists is a great example.

We’re Burning Our Prairie!

Nestled at the back of COSI, outside in Big Science Park, is a small patch of land that is our prairie. Prairies have been a part of Ohio’s natural landscape for thousands of years. They’re made up of special grasses and wildflowers that aren’t found in other habitats.

Early this year, we’ll be setting our prairie on fire like we last did in 2009 (see photo). Although we’re known for our explosion shows inside, this bit of outside combustion has a purpose too.
Inside the Prairie at COSI.

Saturday is Get Fit Family Day!

It’s a new year and many have made the resolution to get healthier.  Get Fit Family Day is Saturday (1/12) at COSI and is a great chance to get more information about how to keep our body healthy.  We have some fun activities planned and some great community partners coming out to help with the event.  Here is a schedule:
Photo from Get Fit Family Day.
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