An Egg-citing Member Weekend at COSI

Photo from COSI Member Egg Scavenger Hunt Event

At COSI, we love to see families having fun while learning together. Last weekend we provided the opportunity to do just that at our 2nd annual Member Eggstravagant Scavenger Hunt! This event was designed to combine COSI's unique brand of learning and fun with a traditional holiday festivity.

Unlike the typical egg hunt, the Eggstravagant Scavenger Hunt gives COSI member families the chance to earn eggs and prizes by answering exhibit-based riddles and completing family challenges.

To me, the most rewarding part of hosting this event was the chance to see our member families fully interacting with our exhibits, problem solving as a team, and being immersed in science. I particularly enjoyed watching our families complete the "Radioactive" Easter Egg Challenge. This activity required attendees to work collaboratively to engineer a device that could move a set of "radioactive" eggs from one place to another within 10 minutes and without human contact. Requiring both speed and ingenuity, our families really got into this challenge and it was fun to see their enthusiasm. Though given only a limited amount of time and materials (like straws, toothpicks, string, and rubber bands), each family came up with their own unique and successful device. The best part of all was the teamwork, creativity and fun that that this challenge embraced!

Next time you are at COSI, try your hand at these scientific riddles that were featured in our egg hunt:

1. This level of storm will exert excessive force, causing automobiles, homes and trees to be thrown far from their source. Storms of this size are known to devour, with winds in excess of 200 miles per hour.

2. I scan, collect, and intercept. What I hear you won't forget, what I see you'll soon concept. Range and sounds are how I explore, the seemingly endless ocean's floor.

3. While at first glance, I may look shiny and blue, turn on the light and see what it can do. Cell phones and other technology take a page from my book, by replicating my cell structure – come take a look!

Thank you again to all of our attendees who participated in this event and helped to make it a success. We can't wait to host this event again next year!

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