An Honor to be Named CEO of the Year

An Honor to be Named CEO of the Year

Wow! How Did That Happen?

Last night I was on stage with well-known and respected community leaders like George Barrett, Chairman & CEO of Cardinal Health and Dr. Steve Allen, CEO of Nationwide Children's Hospital receiving my award as a fellow Columbus CEO of the Year. I really wondered how I ranked with the likes of those two and the others which made up our cohort of six leaders being honored by Columbus CEO magazine through a survey conducted by Capital University that went to 4,000 CEOs around our region.

But I realized, and reflected in my comments, that as COSI moves into our 50th anniversary in 2014, I am the current leader of a group of COSI team members (paid and volunteer), Board members, and community supporters (corporate and individuals) who are stewards for the moment of this special community treasure. It was actually one of my co-winners, E.J. Thomas who reflected on fond memories of going to COSI as a child and his family saving the Planetarium for last, as it was such a special experience. He did me a great favor and asked who in the audience had been to COSI that could share in the memories... and I swear every hand in the large gathering at the State House went up.

How many institutions can say that they bring the vast majority of the community together in a shared sense of memories?

COSI has nurtured over 30,000,000 inspiring engagements with science since our opening on March 29, 1964. I am lucky and privileged to be receiving recognition for what a tremendous group of people have done to move COSI to be ranked #1 science center for families, to be seen as an international science center leader with our "Center of Science" concept of embedded scientists and researchers, and moving to be an essential learning resource and community anchor as the Scioto Peninsula plans unfold. (And extra lucky to have a wife and family supporting the extra hours and focus this has taken).

So, I see the Columbus CEO of the Year award as just validation of the momentum and importance of COSI as we get ready to celebrate our 50th anniversary on March 29, 2014 (almost exactly 8 years to the day from when I started here).

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David Chesebrough

David Chesebrough

David Chesebrough is COSI's President and Chief Executive Officer. He's been leading the COSI Team since 2006 to further expand the institution’s positive impact on the learning opportunities for families, students, teachers and teens.

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