An Insider's Perspective on Pandas: The Journey Home

Photo of Marc Brody and David Chesebrough.

I was bad in the theater today.

I know you should not talk in the theater—I certainly get annoyed when others do.  But today was special.

We announced a special partnership with National Geographic today that will bring films and educational opportunities to our community that COSI could not do on its own.  

As part of the partnership we renamed the theater to the National Geographic Giant Screen Theater at COSI and we were one of the two theaters to premiere today Pandas: The Journey Home.

And sitting next to me watching the film was National Geographic explorer Marc Brody who was here to share his efforts in saving the Pandas in the very region covered in the film.  So I had a private guide next to me explaining about the remote location in China, the earthquake that hit the area but saved the building he has leased for his work (which was in the film), and more.

So okay, it was wrong, but we were kinda by ourselves and it was just too great an opportunity to miss—one that I’ll definitely remember.

Next time I really will be quiet ;-)

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