Brush Bots Day Two! (Maker Program)

Photo of Brush Bot.

Today in Little Kidspace we made brush bots again! We had a lot more attendance today than we did yesterday for it. Around 16 kids! They all seemed to enjoy themselves and Elaine was able to get some good feedback from them.

Something I noticed was that a lot of kids commented on the project and said something along the lines of "These are like hex bugs!" This was interesting to me because over the past two days with this project I heard at least 5 kids say something like that. I usually replied by saying something like "These are better than hex bugs do you know why?? Because YOU are making it!" They liked that. I love the little motors that I ended up using. Very small but powerful. I think if you give a kid a battery and a motor they will be entertained for a while... just like me! :)

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