COSI After Dark's Steampunk Carnival is June 5

Photo from a past COSI After Dark.

Witness the technology, artistry, and fun of Steampunk for June's After Dark: Steampunk Carnival. Dovetailing perfectly with the International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes, the Steampunk genre offers an alternate view of reality featuring the fashion of the Victorian era and modern technology infused with steam powered technology. Skills of costuming, prop building and character creation are all a part of the Steampunk world, but even the uninitiated will have fun with COSI's Steampunk Carnival. Compete in nerf gun dueling, tea dueling, create your own tiny hat or leather wrist cuff, watch an airship cruise overhead and either participate in or observe our Steampunk fashion show.

COSI is always honored to partner with enthusiast groups related to our exhibitions and Airship Archon is no exception. The Airship Crew will facilitate all carnival activities, assisting guests in crafting a tiny hat, leatherworking and officiating tea and nerf gun dueling.

Learn more and get your tickets in advance:

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Heather Popio

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