COSI’s Let’s Get Movin’ Preschool Outreach Program

On Monday, November 18th at Grace Family Daycare and Preschool, children took part in COSI's Let's Get Movin' preschool outreach program. During this program children get the chance to participate in movement, dance, and create sound. Children explored materials that allowed them to practice both fine motor and gross motor movement. Take a look at their explorations below!

Here, two children are quickly moving over and around objects on an obstacle course. A child is stepping into a tire and another child is placing his hands to the ground.


Below, children are using household items, tools, and water to create motion and sound. They are exploring how objects sound different when there is more or less water in and around them.

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In this picture, a child is using a pendulum stand and building structures. We have rings that allow objects to be hooked to them. When the objects tap one another it creates sound like a mobile or chime.

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One of our collaborative activities involved creating a movement painting in a baby pool with paint, balls, and paper. Children held on to the edge of the pool and moved their arms in waves to help move the balls around!

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Erica Gilbert is the Manager of Early Childhood Outreach. Erica has been a team member at COSI since 2010. She travels out to early childhood centers in the community to facilitate hands-on programs for young children. Erica holds a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education. She enjoys traveling, painting, and being outside!

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