Day Two of Maker Programs

For our second day of Maker Corps today, we made ArtBots! Robots that make art! Again creativity and imagination were high in our gadgets cafe work space while guests built their bots. There was lots of hesitation at first at what to make and how to make it. Fairly quickly the process of circuits was figured out, along with how different counter weights would effect the speed and spin of their bot. These projects took us a little longer than yesterdays, between needing to figure out a counter weight and simply taking more time to decorate projects. I was shocked at how popular the bots were, we always seemed to have people waiting and sadly even had to turn some away. Parents and kids were really getting into it, they loved watching their bots move around the paper. One kid even made a blender out of his materials! The kids and parents really seemed to enjoy today, I was ecstatic to hear someone say, "This is the most creative thing I have ever made!" as he proudly held up his creation. That is exactly what the Maker initiative and the Maker Corps are about; getting kids to make, create, learn, and use their imagination!

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