Fantastic Demo Defying Logic

We recently returned from our international science center conference where one of the features is an exhibit hall of activities, exhibits, programs that can be purchased or rented for use in science centers around the world. One booth had an incredible demo that caught the attention of even seasoned science educators like myself.

You’ve got to check this one out—I can’t describe it as you would think I was lying. The video clip you are going to see has already registered well over 5 million hits, so I must not be the only one intrigued by this.

Of course, as a science educator, I want to understand how this phenomena which defies all my lifelong experience with the world around me, works. Use the following website to get a quick explanation.

This is why often at COSI I hear that our hallway cart experiences with an engaging member of our floor faculty can be just as intriguing and memorable to our guests as our big exhibition experiences.

And by the way, that international Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) conference for upward to 2000 professionals from around the world will be hosted by COSI in Columbus next October—that’s cool too---maybe just not supercooled ;-)

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David Chesebrough

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