Field Trip Workshop "At The Park"

On February 13th, Ms. Willis’ preschool classroom from Arlington Park Elementary visited COSI and participated in the Field Trip Workshop, At the Park. During this program, children were able to explore activities that relate to what they may see, notice, or discover when they are outside at the park, at school, or in their neighborhood. Children were able to explore weather including wind and rainfall, construction of playspaces, and colors of nature.  Take a look at children’s explorations below!

Here, children are exploring water: rainfall, splashing, and puddles. What happens when water falls to the ground? Can you make splashes in the water? What does that sound like?


Another activity allowed children to further examine weather, specifically clouds and weather changes. In the first image, a child is using materials to create a structure that represents clouds. In the second image, a child is taking part in dramatic play and preparing for the rain to fall from the clouds.



In this image, we have COSI’s Wind Tubes that blow wind up through the tubes. Children can place cups, paper, and materials in the wind tubes to see how they flow.


This child is building and construction for our playspace. He is measuring below to create a kite.


Below children are painting colors of nature.

Park 6

Children and teachers were so excited to take part in this workshop and visit COSI. Special thanks to PNC Grow Up Great Grant for helping make this happen!

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