Frogs for Toddlers!

Frogs for Toddlers!

Today, at a Frog themed Toddler Outreach in Powell, children had a blast exploring about frogs. They met two real African clawed frogs and used magnifying lenses to zoom in close to examine a frog's body. Children saw that the frogs had some of the same body parts that we do--hands and fingers, feet and toes, a head, and eyes. They noticed that the frog's eyes are very big and on the top of their heads. They enjoyed observing how the frogs would sit very still and then all of the sudden move their arms and legs to swim around their aquarium.

Children also experimented with materials found in a frog pond such as rocks, tadpoles, and frogs. They fished for frogs with real frog nets and counted how many frogs they caught as they gathered them.

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Erica Gilbert is the Manager of Early Childhood Outreach. Erica has been a team member at COSI since 2010. She travels out to early childhood centers in the community to facilitate hands-on programs for young children. Erica holds a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education. She enjoys traveling, painting, and being outside!

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