It's All About Design in Maker Camp This Weekend

Photo from Maker Program.

This weekend the Maker Cafe is all about Design! Today Nathaniel and I started it off with "cool clocks". We used Frisbees as the back of our clocks, and used clock kits for the body. The main project was teaching the kids how to use a protractor to measure out angles. This required them first to do the math to figure out how big of an angle should be between each number. Then they got to design, bedazzle, create their clock in anyway they wanted. I helped one kid figure out his math and line up his protractor, and it was so exciting to see him a few minutes later explaining the process and helping his little brother! As the day went on I saw more and more of that domino type teaching happening, I loved it! Its been exciting to me to see the creativity and enthusiasm our guests have for making! I'm really excited for tomorrow Nathaniel's leading 3D modeling and printing, which I have only done a little of in the past so I'm excited to learn just as much as the kids are!

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