Just Like When Mom Visits

Just Like When Mom Visits

Remember the flurry of activity as you finish home projects and spiff up the house before family comes for a visit? Especially when mom is part of the contingent with her eagle eye to dust and clutter?

On the one hand you want to impress and on the other you don't want to be embarrassed--a double incentive to put in an inordinate amount of work in prep.

Well COSI is undergoing the largest single facelift/refreshing since we opened in November 1999 for some of the same reasons.

In just a few weeks we start a flurry of activities at COSI which has us wanting to look our best. idUS, the Innovation Week initiative of the 200Columbus Bicentennial effort has 6 events hosted and some co-produced, here at COSI starting almost immediately after we re-open Wednesday, Sept 26.

Those activities will run right into COSI greeting and hosting 1500 science center professionals from over 40 countries. They are coming to Columbus for THE international conference of science centers worldwide and to check out the award winning features of COSI.

And we open LEGO® Castle Adventure in an entirely renovated first gallery for our younger audiences and then Gunther von Hagens' BODY WORLDS & the Brain for older children, teens and adults.

So we're hopping and working non-stop to be ready to look fresh and sharp for all the special and renewed activities. A list approaching 50 discrete projects and tasks is being worked through during our shutdown.

The photo showing us in the midst of a major new entrance/profile and refreshment for little kidspace is just one of the many significant changes folks will see coming to COSI


So we've built, painted, replaced, cleaned (and dusted!) to look our best with a fresh look and expanded experiences.

When you come, see if you can identify how many items have changed--maybe we can make a contest of that ;-)

You can know our team will be working almost around the clock to get ready for September 26!

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David Chesebrough

David Chesebrough

David Chesebrough is COSI's President and Chief Executive Officer. He's been leading the COSI Team since 2006 to further expand the institution’s positive impact on the learning opportunities for families, students, teachers and teens.

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