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School’s out for summer but we’re still engaging in learning here in our Preschool Workshops at COSI.  Participating in inquiry learning, preschoolers and their accompanying adult at our, Simple Machines: Gears, Levers, & Pulleys workshop, investigated how simple machines make work easier. Through hands-on activities designed to provide exposure and further cultivate curiosity through exploration, children practiced skills for school readiness through play.    

Simple Machines 1

Simple Machines 2

Our Meet the Scientist experience allowed children to go deeper into investigation as they learned more about simple machines through exploration in identified portions of our Gadgets Exhibit.  They were able to test hypotheses and make observations such as: “More pulleys make work way easier!” -Marley “I pulled myself up and my Dad only had to help a little!” - Michael

Simple Machines 4 2

Simple Machines 4 1

Children practiced and built their fine motor repertoire through the use of real tools as they engaged with science in everyday life.

Simple Machines 5

Come play and learn with us!  We are still taking reservations for all of our early childhood workshops.  During the month of June we are investigating All about Construction!  Not a member of COSI?  Non-member pricing for infant, toddler, and preschool workshops includes COSI admission for the day and participation in our workshop experience!  What a deal!

Simple Machines 1 2

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