Keyboard Letter Bracelets (Maker Programs)

Photo from weekend Maker programs.

Today we made Keyboard letter bracelets! This was a quick fun project! I had even more of a blast than normal because we were doing some of my favorite things! Guests got to pick a letter from old key boards, then Nathaniel or I drilled holes in them for them to feed colorful wire through. Lastly they soldered together clasps for them. It was cool to get to teach kids the basics like stripping wire and soldering, even if it wasn't dealing with circuitry; they still learned really great skills to have.

Since this project was more of an assembly line people got in and out in about 15 minutes, which I think they really enjoyed how quick it was. They didn't have to wait long to get in, and they had more time for the rest of COSI. Nathaniel or I would explain the soldering process to them, give them some safety advice about the temperature of the iron and help them make their first soldered joint! We even had some young kids soldering will a little help! One family came back to make more, that was awesome! I get excited about teaching kids how to safely handle and use hand tools. It is such a great skill to have and the more confident they are in themselves and their skills with these tools not only the safer they will be, but the better their project will turn out.

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