Kicking off Maker Programs at COSI

After weeks of preparation, we finally kicked of Maker Corps here at COSI! From 2-4 Friday through Sunday Maker Corps is taking over the Gadgets Cafe at COSI until the end of August. Maker Corps is a nationwide initiative to get kids to get creative and build things from arts and crafts projects, to DIY type projects. Today Leanna and I led the first project: Brushbots, moving robots made from a brush and motor. We were excited to see parents and children really get creative with their brushbots; there were Birds, helicopters, spiders, rabbits, and all sorts of other creatures shaking around the cafe. It was wonderful to see the kids faces light up when their connection worked and their bots started to wiggle and dance. I am excited to see what types of creations they will come up with tomorrow when we make Artbots, robots that make art!

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