Kids Explore the Science of Building

Thanks to the PNC Grow Up Great Grant, Meghan Zorne's preschool classroom at Fifth Avenue International had the opportunity to participate in COSI's preschool outreach, 3,2,1...Build It program. Children and teachers truly enjoyed experimenting with measuring tools, building, and interacting with one another during this class. Take a look at what the children discovered:

Here, a child is stretching out measuring tape. This is just the beginning for her. After stretching out the tape, she measured the floor and the walls of the gym by laying her measuring tape from one point to another.

twofifth 2

Another child created a structure with measuring tools and non-standard items. She is using her measuring tape to figure out the length of her structure.

twofifth 1

Here, children are working together as construction workers to complete their task of measuring and building. It looks like some of the child's structure in the picture above is in this image.


In this final image, children and their teacher are working with a tippy table. The tippy table sits like a normal table if it can be balanced with the right amount of weight. Children are carefully placing blocks that have images of city buildings and homes on this table to try to balance it.


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