Making is All About Trial and Error

Photo from Maker Program.

I kicked off August in Big Kid Lab making paper flashlights! This is a project Leanna had done that I had been eager to do, however I was disappointed while teaching it to the Big Kid Lab staff that it only worked about half the time. So in true maker fashion we thought about ways to fix them to be easier to make for little hands and a higher rate of success. By cutting out the whole last connection we were able to come up with a way to make a button on the actual flashlight. As frustrating as it was that I hadn't had huge success at first with the project, making is all about trial and error and learning from failure.

The rest of the day kids really loved designing and making their flashlights! A lot of them had never heard of LED's or coin batteries so it was a lot of fun explaining to them what they were and how they worked just like regular batteries. They thought it was so cool, they were even making them for their siblings in little kidspace! I love that about these kids, they are always excited to show their projects to their parents, or make them for friends and siblings, its so cool! I'd say it was another great day of making!

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