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Marie Quisumbing

Marie Quisumbing is the Manager of Early Childhood Programs at COSI. She maintains the lead role in developing, updating, and maintaining all content for all interal Early Childhood programs. She joined COSI in July 2013 after being a classroom teacher for the last 10 years. Marie enjoys reading, cooking, and spending time with her husband and two young children.

Keep the Learning Going All Summer Long!

School’s out for summer but we’re still engaging in learning here in our Preschool Workshops at COSI.  Participating in inquiry learning, preschoolers and their accompanying adult at our, Simple Machines: Gears, Levers, & Pulleys workshop, investigated how simple machines make work easier. Through hands-on activities designed to provide exposure and further cultivate curiosity through exploration, children practiced skills for school readiness through play.     
Photo from Early Childhood Education workshop.

Fun in Hops, Slithers, and Crawls

Participating in inquiry learning, toddlers today at our Toddler workshop, Hops, Slithers, and Crawls, were exposed to animals that hop, slither, and crawl. Children and their adult enjoyed a short story and songs, then visited open exploration activity centers.  
Photo from early childhood education workshop.

Exploring the Science of Cold

Recently at COSI, toddlers were busy engaging scientific inquiry through explorations of all things COLD!  In our Friday morning and Saturday morning Cold Science workshops, toddlers and their caregivers investigated really cool, wet, and dry experiments and connected with literacy through Keith Baker’s story, No Two Alike.
Photo from early childhood education workshop.

Recapping our Four Week Preschool Workshop Series: Science of Performing Arts

This fall our preschool workshop guests participated in a four week series titled the Science of Performing Arts. Using music, dance, and dramatic expression the child and adult participant combo investigated the states of matter and related that exploration to the performing arts. We explored big ideas such as:
  • I can learn about science through kinesthetic experiences using music, dance and drama. Science learning can be an active experience!
  • I can use the performing arts to make connections to learning about the phases of matter i.e. solids, liquids, and gases.
  • With modeling and support I can explore the properties of objects and materials.
  • I can use imagination and creativity to interact with objects and materials. I can engage in inventive social play.
Photo from early childhood education workshop.

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