Meet COSI’s newest basketball stars!

It's been an exciting Spring in the locker room at COSI, as we've watched our newest pair of rats fly through their basketball training. Penny and Bernadette played their first game for a crowd of screaming fans last week, breaking some pretty impressive training records. What makes this pair so exceptional? Our average training time is about 5-6 months, from the first day in the training court to the first public show. It can take up to 8 months for a rat to master her basketball skills, and some rats have breezed through training in about 4 months. Penny and Bernadette spent just three and a half months perfecting their skills, our current record for the fastest learners!

So why do some rats learn faster than others? Rats are a lot like us in many ways: some are really active and love to play, some are more motivated by food, and some just like attention. All of COSI's rats learn in pairs, and each pair are sisters who play against each other in each game they play. Just like human siblings, rat sisters can have different strengths, sometimes one rat is better at stealing the ball, while the other one is faster at shooting. That means that sometimes, one rat will finish her training a little faster, and one rat will win games more often. Penny and Bernadette finished their training on the same day, and their skills are pretty well matched. That means they give their fans a pretty exciting game, and it's impossible to predict who will win.

Make sure to stop by the atrium and catch one of their nail-biting basketball games on your next visit to COSI, and cheer on your favorite rat!

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