Preschool Outreach at Easthaven

Thanks to PNC Grow Up Great Grant another Columbus City Preschool Classroom got to participate in COSI's preschool outreach program, 3,2,1...Build It. Ms. Cindi Blaha's classroom in Easthaven Elementary had a wonderful time acting as construction workers and builders on November 19th. Let's take a look at their experience and findings.

Here, children and COSI educator Stephanie McMaken are beginning to measure. Some of the children used the measuring tape to see how tall they are. In the second picture, the boy is seeing how long his arms reach.

easth one

easth two

In the next two photographs children are using tools to build, measure, and discover. In the first image, children are using the ruler to measure. They are counting up from the bottom...1 inch, 2 inches, 3 inches, etc.

easth three

easth four

Here a child is using the stopwatch and observing how the stopwatch keeps time by counting up.

easth five

Below there are blocks placed beside each other. Look closely, can you find a pattern that a child created?

easth six

In this last photograph, this child is holding up her drawing of a domino. We had domino blocks in the class that children used to complete a sorting activity.


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