Refreshing little kidspace®

The Early Childhood Education team at COSI continues to move forward in developing plans to renovate and update little kidspace®, our 11,000+ square foot permanent exhibition dedicated to young children and their families. We are excited to announce the next phase of renovation will be implemented this September during our annual shutdown period! The work this year will focus on the south end of the exhibition and will bring refreshment and new experiences to an area that has not been updated since 1999.

A sneak peek of some of the great things to come includes a farm-to-table exhibit complete with a farm, farmer's market, and new house with both kitchen and construction area. We'll also be adding a studio space that will provide guests with the opportunity to explore new materials and tools, providing a deeper experience plus a chance to work with our dedicated team members, all of whom have experience and expertise in the field of early childhood. If you visit little kidspace® over the next few months, look for prototypes and renderings of new experiences- we think you'll love the changes!

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