September 19th Preschool Outreach: Build It!

On September 19th, during the Preschool Outreach, Build It, children had the opportunity to inquire about building and construction. They measured and compared attributes of objects such as length or weight. Children explored shapes, including their relative positions and the idea that smaller shapes can be put together to build something larger. Additionally, children practiced counting and cardinality. Let's take a look at their exploration.

Here, children are using measuring tapes and tools to compare the length of different objects. They are recording their ideas and what they found on white boards.


Here, children are using smaller shapes to build a house. They are trying to find different places where each of the shapes can fit. Their goal is to use all of the shapes to put the house together. Some children found out that to make a shape fit better, they have to rotate it before adding it to the board.


Here, children used domino blocks to build a fence. As they built their fence, they counted each domino, one-by-one before adding additional dominos.


Children really loved diving into this topic. They enjoyed being able to have a lot of loose parts and materials to guide their exploration. They were very excited to act as construction workers by wearing construction vests and taking part in imaginative play. Children were excited and inspired to build and create something meaningful to them.

Check out this tower that two of the boys built:


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