Spring Means it’s Time for Backyard Science Day

Photo from Backyard Science Day

With spring finally here and the weather warming up, it's time to get outside and explore the many wonders around us.

Spring also means it's time for the annual "Backyard Science Day" at COSI, and I couldn't be more excited.

The event is Saturday, April 27, and I personally encourage parents to bring their children out to COSI for a fun-filled day that includes interactive, hands-on demonstrations and take-home materials intended to help guests explore everything there is to know about their own backyards. The backyard is important in that it is where many children start to understand and connect with nature.

Activities at Backyard Science Day will teach kids the ins and outs of gardening, including how to make soil, how seeds germinate, container gardening, and planting suggestions. We focus on gardening in sustainable, environmentally-friendly ways as well, by sharing composting, recycling and water conservation methods. We also perform various demonstrations, including allowing the children to mix their own bird food to take home with a recycling kit to turn a water bottle into a window feeder.

This has been an exciting spring for our company, as we are also celebrating 10 years of supporting the development of community gardens in Columbus. Over 250 community gardens now exist within city limits, giving Columbus more community gardens per capita than any other metropolitan city in the U.S.A.

And partnerships are important for us to successfully impact our local communities, and our relationship with COSI is one that I feel passionately about. It allows local youth to connect with our experts about the science behind growing plants. ScottsMiracle-Gro has been located in central Ohio for nearly 150 years, and we have had a long history of educating young people and nurturing their curiosity about the outdoors for many years.

We are proud to have COSI right in our company's backyard, as the No. 1 science center in the country and a top-notch Columbus institution. Because of this, there is no better venue and partner for such an event that truly "grows" on everyone involved.

I hope to see hundreds of eager green thumbs at COSI on April 27!

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