Step into a Farmer’s Shoes

Photo of Farm Days at COSI.

Farm Days: Little Seeds, Big Tractors kicked off with a bang on its first day! Our front entrance was completely taken over by the excitement of visitors as they got the chance to explore the insides of massive farming equipment and learn about the process of raising crops and livestock. Among some of our various activities included milking a fiberglass cow, making your own seed necklace and observing a trapped swarm of bees. Though there were many activities to choose from, it seemed as if no one could resist watching the hatching of baby chicks.

The actual process of laying and growing an egg is quite interesting. A hen's total lifespan will last between 5-7 years. Within its first year an egg-producing chicken will lay 180-320 eggs. Its color is dependent upon the breed of the chicken and will take about 24-26 hours to lay. This usually happens in the morning once it's dusk. In order for an embryo to start growing, a fertilized egg must first reach 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Under these right conditions and after only 21 days, you have a fully developed baby chick.

Now isn't that cool? Who knew a life could develop so quickly! If you want to witness the hatching of a baby chick firsthand and take a glimpse inside what it's like to be a farmer yourself, come on down to Farm Days, running August 14-18.

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