Stitch Themed Light Up Puppets

Maker Corps Project

Nathaniel and I kicked off week 2 of Maker Corps with Stitch themed Light up Puppets! For this project guests made felt puppets on popsicle sticks and attached light up features using LEDs and batteries. We had a lot of fun in our cafe creating creatures and animals. There was also a button thrown into the circuit to help them to be able to control the light so it wasn't always on. It also added a little bit of a challenged which seemed to give people a real sense of accomplishment when they had finished their puppet and it lit up. One girl was so excited she threw her hands in the air and squealed! It seemed like a lot of people really learned a lot about circuits from this project which was really cool, and then by the end they really had it down and were able to help other people with theirs. It was a very busy but fun day in our maker studio!

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