Summer is the right time to learn about frogs!

On Tuesday, June 24th, COSI staff visited the Primrose School at Polaris in Westerville to present a frog workshop for toddlers. The children experienced the natural habitat of frogs and pretended to be frogs themselves in COSI’s make-believe lily pond.

Meeting frog

COSI’s littlekidspace team member, Carla, shows the children a real frog and educates them on frog behavior and habitat.  The children were so excited to meet a frog!

frog cropped3

By hopping from tree trunk to tree trunk, the children pretended they were frogs living in a lily pond.  Some toddlers even dressed up like frogs!

frogs cropped 2

While splashing around in the make believe pond full of toy frog eggs, tadpoles and frogs, COSI staff discussed with the children the lifecycle of a frog. These toddlers had wonderful observations about frogs and enjoyed catching them in their nets!

Balance 2cropped

The toddlers had a chance to practice their balancing skills by gingerly walking the balance beam stationed in our lily pond, luckily no one fell in!

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Jennifer Sweeney

Jennifer Sweeney, a native of Columbus, has recently relocated from San Jose, California where she spent the past seven years managing school readiness and early childhood intervention programs. Jennifer is currently an intern in COSI’s Little Kidspace.  As an outreach assistant, she helps implement science-focused workshops to preschools and community based  organizations all over central Ohio.  Jennifer has a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Hanover College and is currently working on an associate’s degree in Early Childhood Development and Education from Columbus State Community College. She and her husband Mark live in Reynoldsburg with their six year old twins Emma and Bode. In her spare time Jennifer enjoys yoga, reading, travel, and hiking.

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