Toddler Frog Outreach

On Tuesday, April 15th COSI visited the YMCA at St. Ann’s Hospital where a group of toddlers learned all about frogs. During the session toddlers got to observe real frogs up close using magnifying glasses.  They noticed the frog’s color and texture of their skin and witnessed frogs hopping from one spot to another to get where they needed to go!

Looking at Frog

Students also enjoyed a bit of splashing as they learned about the frog life cycle.  They scooped both tadpoles and full grown frogs into their nets and felt the texture of the sea weed that also lives in the pond with the frogs. The students learned that the pond is part of the frog’s natural habitat and they imagined what it might be like to live there and be able to splash around anytime they like.

Frog in water

The students were given the opportunity to experience what it might be like to hop around like a frog all day. By using COSI’s make believe lily pads, students practiced balancing and hopping.  The goal was to avoid falling in the make believe pond! Students also practiced their balance by hopping from one tree trunk to the next and walking very carefully along the balance beam.  One false move and they could easily end up splashing in the pond!  

Obstacle course

Students created a trail of frog prints by attaching stamps to their hands and stamping frog foot prints across strips of paper across paper leaving a trail behind them. Other students practiced hopping on the foot print trail pretending they were frogs – rib-it, rib-it!

Stamp camafloge

We ended our time together by singing the song Five Green and Speckled Frogs. Yes, some of us got a little wet but that’s okay because we ALL had a hopping great time!


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