Two year olds explore water in its different forms!

Young children learn through their senses and it was a sensory bonanza at KinderCare preschool in Reynoldsburg on June 18 as the COSI team presented its Science at your Fingertips workshop to two groups of toddlers. 

making snow 1

The children marvel as team member, Erica makes colorful snow by mixing yellow and blue water coloring to make the snow attractive to young eyes.

measure snow 1

This toddler is having a ball pushing and scooping the snow. She picks it up and feels its texture and temperature.

cropped ice pic 1

We know that so much of what young kids learn is from experimentation. This supervised experiment allows toddlers to take colorful pieces of ice and slide them down a plastic board. The children experienced how quickly the ice moved along the board and what happened when the two different colored pieces of ice collide and begin to melt. In addition, they practiced using words like “melt”, “slide” and “collide.”

more water 1

Toddlers love to splash and play with water, they got lots of opportunity during this session! Using spoons, cups and colanders, students explored how water moves through different objects.

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