Photo of Ty Owen.

Ty Owen

Ty Owen is the Manager of Technology and Innovation Programs and has been with COSI since 2010. A jack of all trades and a master of some, he designs and presents programs related to 3D design and printing, computer programming, video gaming, audio and video production, and physical maker skills.  Outside of COSI, Ty performs electronic music and video in a band called WHRL, collects records, and is always building or making something new.

Quadcopters and Drones

You may have heard some talk recently about quadcopters or drones. From military applications, Amazon package delivery, and even a California based burrito delivery service unmanned aerial vehicles seem to be the emerging technology of the day. With all of these new developments people are right to be excited. Never before in history have we had the opportunity to purchase an aircraft that can be programmed to fly over a range of 1 mile without a pilot on board for less than $300. This fact positions quadcopters and drones to revolutionize transportation, agriculture, media production, military applications, and other industries as innovations are introduced. 
Mike Cairns from Infinite Impact studio does a quadcopter test flight in preparation for Thursday's COSI After Dark.

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