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Reservation & Payment Policies

Full payment is due one month prior to your program date unless a previously agreed upon payment time line has been established. Cancellations made less than one month prior to your program date are non-refundable.

Up to two weeks prior to your program date, programs may be rescheduled to a new date within the same school year one time at no penalty. You must contact COSI at least two weeks prior to your program date to be eligible to reschedule or the ability to transfer the credit to another session will be forfeited. Changes made less than two weeks prior to your date will not be refunded. Weather-related cancellations can be rescheduled to a new date within the same school year at no penalty as long as COSI is notified within two hours of the program start time. Weather-related cancellations that aren't rescheduled into a new date within the same school year will not be refunded.

COSI will retain a $25 processing fee for all reservations and test connections: the processing fee and test connection are included in the price of the program. Each program or test connection can be rescheduled one time at no charge; every additional reschedule of the program or test connection will result in an additional $25 processing fee per instance. COSI strongly recommends performing a test connection at least 2 days prior to your event. If the test connection is unsuccessful, the school may decide at that time to cancel the program and receive a refund, minus the $25 processing fee. If a school declines the test connection and experiences connection issues during the program, said school will be held responsible for paying the full program fee.

Any questions regarding an invoice must be addressed with COSI within 30 business days after the program date. Invoice adjustments will not be made after that period.


Recording Policy

The videoconferences COSI creates and provides to connecting schools are the intellectual property of COSI. Therefore, they cannot be recorded in any way or distributed, nor can any content from kits or information packets be duplicated or distributed without the written consent of COSI. The only exceptions to this rule is the copying of student pages from teacher's guides for the use of the single class that purchased the kit of materials or information packet. Any known violation of this policy will be considered theft of intellectual property and will be dealt with accordingly.


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