For Educators

Chaperone Resources

COSI is a participatory hands on environment for all ages. We invite you to use the exhibits actively but with respect. Disruptive behavior, vandalism, and misuse of exhibits or the building is not welcome and will not be tolerated. Guests who present a danger to other guests and to COSI will be promptly removed from the building without warning or refund.

All guests are expected to adhere to COSI’s code of conduct.

Guidelines to make your field trip to COSI an awesome one:

1) COSI strongly recommends groups no larger than five (i.e., five students per one adult chaperone); Little Kidspace, The Gadgets Café and Adventure all require a 1:5 chaperone to student ratio.

2) Please refrain from eating, drinking or smoking in COSI’s exhibition areas or Big Science Park. There is a designated smoking area in the North Courtyard on Level 1.

3) Talk to your teacher about the purpose and goals of the trip. You may be asked to lead the students through a scavenger hunt or activity, so it is good to become familiar with the materials you'll be using.

4) Get to know the members of your group. Learn their names and interests so that you can assist them in doing what they want to do at COSI.

5) Have fun! Learn something! It’s important that the students see adults participating in and having fun with science. Use COSI Team members as a resource to help you.

6) Ask questions! Some helpful things to ask your students are:
Why do you think it does that?
What do you think is happening?
What could you change to make the outcome different?
How do you think this works?

7) Follow your schedule. Clocks are located throughout the hallways. Be sure to stay on schedule and arrive at shows and movies about 10 minutes early.

8) Take frequent head counts to be sure you haven’t left anyone behind. If you do misplace someone, let a COSI Team member know or notify Guest Services in the Atrium on Level 1 or little kidspace® on Level 2.

9) Use your teacher as a resource. Do not hesitate to find him or her if you need help interacting with your group or are having behavior issues with a member of your group. Write down the name and cell phone or pager number of your group leader in case of emergencies.

10) If you misplace or lose a personal belonging, contact Guest Services in the Atrium or any COSI Team member. COSI's Lost & Found is also located at the Guest Services Desk in the Atrium on Level 1.