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COSI in the Classroom

A COSI Educator will bring all the materials for these one-hour, 30-student workshops to your classroom. All COSI in the Classroom programs fulfill the Scientific Inquiry and Application Components of the Ohio College and Career Ready Standards.

Available in Ohio’s Franklin, Union, Delaware, Madison, Pickaway, Fairfield, and Licking Counties.

Cost: $170 per session

Please note that selected COSI program reservations are subject to a nominal processing fee. Proceeds from this fee help to support COSI, a not-for-profit organization. For selected programs, transaction fees may be waived for COSI Members as a benefit of membership.

Reservations: Chelsie Webster, 614-228-2674 x2330 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm)

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Reservation and Cancellation Policy

Full payment is due one month prior to your program date unless a previously agreed upon payment time line has been established. Cancellations made less than one month prior to your program date are non-refundable.

Up to two weeks prior to your program date, programs may be rescheduled to a new date within the same school year one time at no penalty. You must contact COSI at least two weeks prior to your program date to be eligible to reschedule or the ability to transfer the credit to another session will be forfeited. Changes made less than two weeks prior to your date will not be refunded.

Weather-related cancellations can be rescheduled to a new date within the same school year at no penalty as long as COSI is notified within two hours of the program start time. Weather-related cancellations that aren't rescheduled into a new date within the same school year will not be refunded.

Available Programs

NEW! Superhero Science

Superhero Science

Train to become a superhero with COSI. We will use the powers of electricity, magnetism, light, heat and speed to combat one sneaky scoundrel. No need to be a mutant, alien, or billionaire - we have science on our side!

Each participant will be given "powers" and will complete activities that represent those powers including:

Electricity AND Magnetism - electromagnet
Light - laser activity
Heat - melting ice activity
Speed - thaumatrope

The program lasts for 1 hour and can hold up to 30 students. The age range for this program is grades K-8. It is available for Franklin county and the contiguous counties. Outside counties can make arrangements for this program (additional travel fee applied).

  • Grade Level: Grades 1-8

Animal Tales - NEW!

Encounter living systems, habitats, and the things that all living creatures need! In this hands-on program, you’ll get the chance to meet and touch some of COSI’s live animals and explore their species stories. Finally, you’ll become a zoologist yourself and examine real animal furs, construct your own paw print “animal trails,” view real animal X-rays, and explore the life cycle of a frog from egg to tadpole to adult in our Frog Pond. Best of all, you can build a healthy habitat around a real box turtle and watch her explore her new home!

  • Grade Level: Toddler - Grade 1

Force & Motion

Start your engines and get ready to explore how contact and non-contact forces give our race cars the energy they need to zip towards the finish line. Gear up for the race by exploring forces and motion alongside our COSI educator as you learn about contact forces, magnetism and gravity. Then, measure how far your race car travels as you put your new skills to the test.

  • Grade Level: Grades 1-4

Beginner Robotics

Discover how robots are made and how they perform tasks. You become the engineer and design a program for your robot! Build a simple LEGO® WeDo robot and learn the importance of programming.

  • Grade Level: Grades 1-4

Gross Science

Let’s get gross and explore the inner workings of our bodies, ruminate about runny noses, and dive into digestion. Gross Science dives into the functions of your body through experiments that simulate how your body works. Learn why it's so important to keep your body healthy!

  • Grade Level: Grades 1-4

Wild Weather

To predict the weather, you have to understand it. Through hands-on experiments, you'll see how a change in air pressure can affect an object, understand how hot and warm molecules act, and even make a cloud!

  • Grade Level: Grades 1-4

Crazy Coasters

Explore force and motion as you work together to build a roller coaster. Put the force of gravity to work in COSI’s marble challenge. Engage in a hands-on experience to understand the science and design process that goes into engineering your favorite roller coasters.
  • Grade Level: Grades 5-8

Intermediate Robotics

Become part of an engineering team using the LEGO® MINDSTORMS robotics system. Learn what it means to program a robot to complete tasks. Put your new-found knowledge to the test to complete our robot obstacle course!
  • Grade Level: Grades 5-8

Crime Scene Investigation

With the help of chemistry, biology, and an inquiring mind, become a Crime Scene Investigator. Use your powers of observation to discover clues from a crime scene in your classroom. Use science to uncover the meaning of each clue to catch the culprit before it’s too late!
  • Grade Level: Grades 5-8

Plant Dissection

To understand how a plant works, it helps to take it apart. With the guidance of a COSI Team Member, you'll dissect flowers to see the purpose of the different structures found in flowering plants.
  • Grade Level: Grades 5-8

Catapults, Trebuchets, & Physics—Oh My!

Discover force and motion by observing model medieval siege machines. Using the scientific process, design, build, test, and redesign your very own catapult or trebuchet using recycled materials. Discover how physics played a role in medieval weaponry!
  • Grade Level: Grades 9-12

Advanced Robotics

Using a LEGO® NXT robot, discover how to program and complete a series of challenges. Try to complete all of the challenges before time runs out!
  • Grade Level: Grades 9-12

Cow Eye Dissection

Diagrams can only take you so far. To really understand what’s going on inside of the eye, why not cut one open? An experienced COSI Team Member will lead your class through an exciting, slimy, and scientific dissection of a cow’s eye in order to better understand how your own eyes function.
  • Grade Level: Grades 9-12

Sheep Brain Dissection

Discover the world of our brain and experience your lobes in action! An experienced COSI Team Member will lead your class through a dissection of a sheep brain in order to better understand how your own brain functions.
  • Grade Level: Grades 9-12