For Educators

Preschool Outreach

For Ages 3 - 5. Early Childhood Outreach brings science right into your preschool classroom! Students will use their powers of observation and exploration during multiple hands-on activities. All preschool programs include engaging hands-on experiences that enhance science inquiry skills, collaboration, and curiosity.

Preschool Outreach is available in Ohio's Franklin and contiguous central Ohio counties.

COSI conducts each program at your preschool with the help of two-three adult volunteers (teachers, aides, or parents) provided by your preschool. Each Preschool Outreach program is 45 minutes long and can accommodate up to 20 students.

Pricing: $120 for first session; $75 for each additional session (of same topic, held same day). Up to 4 sessions per day.

Please note that selected COSI program reservations are subject to a nominal processing fee. Proceeds from this fee help to support COSI, a not-for-profit organization. For selected programs, transaction fees may be waived for COSI Members as a benefit of membership.


Available Programs

Let's Get Movin'

Dive into a physically engaging environment to explore and discover new ways to move your bodies and create movement by investigating materials, creating music, and through cause-and-effect relationships. This fun program highlights science concepts, including moving and still, high and low, fast and slow, and around and through.

  • Grade Level: Preschool


From rain to shine, act as a meteorologist as you make predictions about wind, static electricity, rainbows, and more. Touch the electrostatic generator to watch as static electricity causes your hair to stand up on ends!

  • Grade Level: Preschool

Animal Tales

Hop on board an adventure with a COSI explorer to meet animals, learn about their habitats, and basic needs.

  • Grade Level: Preschool

3, 2, 1...Build It!

3,2,1…let’s build! Get ready to investigate building materials and construction through this hands-on experience. Explore balancing, shapes, numbers, measurement, and more!

  • Grade Level: Preschool

Junior Engineer

Design, invent, build, and test! Step into this invention workshop and have the chance to use real tools, explore circuits, and the science behind how things work.

  • Grade Level: Preschool