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Toddler Outreach, Space is designed to introduce children to outer space. This is a 45 minute program that can accommodate up to 15 toddlers, ages 18-36 months. It consists of an interactive-read aloud, group activity, and hands-on activities. All activities are developmentally appropriate and encourage both fine and gross motor skills.

During the group demonstration the following science concepts and more will be explored:

  • Rockets
  • Balancing like an astronaut
  • Patterns and colors in galaxy

Children will be able to freely explore the activity centers to learn more about outer space and astronauts. Children will be able to explore rockets and what astronaut food feels and looks like. They will practice fine motor skills such as scooping, pinching, and pouring. They will also be able to practice gross motor skills as they hop, move, and balance like an astronaut.


Programs are $100 for the first session and $75 for each additional session (same topic and same day). Up to four sessions of one topic can be held in one day. Schools wanting to do two different topics can do 1 session of each per day. For schools with time constraints and more than three classrooms, COSI can provide a three-hour block of time for to do four shortened 30 minute sessions (with 15 minutes to reset between each one) for $275.

Academic Standards

Cognitive Development: Discoveries of Infancy; Cause & Effect; Language & Communication: Comprehending Language; Understanding Language


  • Grade Level: 18-36mos
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