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School's Out: K - 6 Grades

Day camps for K-6 students during school holidays.

Scout Overnight Camps

The ultimate indoor camping experience for girls and boys in grades 1-8

Scout Day Camps

The ultimate day camp experience for girls and boys in grades K-3

Sensory Friendly Programs

Is there a COSI kid in your family? Join us for these COSI programs and resources specially designed for families with special-needs children.

Science Spots

We deliver energy and excitement to your event! COSI's all-new Science Spot traveling science exhibition gives your guests the opportunity to play, explore, and learn about science together.

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Senior Discount

Senior Discount

Seniors (ages 60 and up) receive a $2 discount on COSI general admission. Valid state-issued ID may be requested at the time of purchase.

Only available for purchase at COSI's Box Office. Cannot be used online.

Surgical Suite: Total Knee Replacement

See live surgery, ask questions, and interact via videoconference with surgeons and medical personnel in a real hospital operating room.

  • Grade Levels: Grades 6-Adult

Space Explorers

Children who are fascinated with space, stars, astronauts, and rockets will love this interactive birthday party!
  • Age Level: Ages 3-5

Squishy Science

What kid doesn't love a good mess? Dig into the world of slime and other super ooey-gooey goo. The best part is you won't have to clean it up!
  • Age Level: Ages 3-5


Grab your magnifying glass and get ready to become a detective! Test your observation skills, gather fingerprints from evidence, and use chromatography to separate the chemicals in ink.

  • Age Level: Ages 6-11

Science at Your Fingertips

Use your senses and science tools to investigate science at your fingertips! Carry out explorations using your fingertips to squish, touch and feel materials. Explore cause and effect, and movement.

  • Grade Level: 18-36mos

Salicylate Sleuths

Students discover products lurking in their home that may contain the medicine salicylate. Concepts: chemical reactions, medication safety, personal health.

  • Grade Levels: Grades 3-6
  • Number of Students: 12 - 15 per session

Sugar Shocker!

Students interact with a human patient simulator during a diabetic emergency. Concepts: human anatomy and physiology, health careers, personal health.

  • Grade Levels: Grades 3-6
  • Number of Students: 12 - 15 per session

Sheep Brain Dissection

Discover the world of our brain and experience your lobes in action! An experienced COSI Team Member will lead your class through a dissection of a sheep brain in order to better understand how your own brain functions.
  • Grade Level: Grades 9-12


Get hands-on with physics and life science as you learn about things that fly. Identify the forces of lift, thrust, drag, and gravity. Find out what it takes to be an astronaut as you explore planets, meteors, and more.

  • Camp Type: Full-Day Weeklong
  • Age Level: Rising K & 1st Graders
  • Program Date: June 15-19, 2015, 9am-4pm

Science of Art

Enhance your knowledge of design as you discover the science behind painting, sculpture, and more. Dress for a mess and prepare a place to showcase your art!

  • Camp Type: Full-Day Weeklong
  • Age Level: Rising K & 1st Graders
  • Program Date: July 6-10, 2015, 9am-4pm