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Hallway Exhibitions

In 2012, COSI initiated an effort to improve the visual appeal and experience of our hallways and circulation spaces. With limited funding, we developed a combination of temporary experiences, painting, and permanent exhibit acquisitions. An effort was made to include content that would appeal to adults as well as family groups. The new experiences are planned with a nod to our permanent exhibit areas and grouped in collections as opposed to singular exhibits.

From gorgeous photography to thought-prevoking collections, enjoy these free, limited-engagement displays on your next visit.

Check out these additions during your next visit:

Collection From Artist Rachel Schutt

Fine artist Rachel Schutt is a 2010 graduate of Columbus College of Art and Design and proud studio tenant/member of the largest makers space in the world, Columbus Idea Foundry. Rachel's work has been selected for Ohio Art League's juried exhibitions including their Spring Juried Exhibition. Rachel's watercolors and mixed media paintings are greatly influenced by observable nature, breakthroughs in astrophysics, quantum electrodynamics, and geometry. This body of work was constructed to raise awareness for science education and explore the concepts of applied astrophysics.

Endangered Species Series from Jelly Belly® Art Collection

What do presidents, masterpieces and Hollywood icons have in common with endangered species? They are all subjects of Jelly Belly Art, the colorful mosaic-like portraits handmade entirely from thousands of colorful Jelly Belly® jelly beans. Now, this beloved art form takes inspiration from endangered species as Jelly Belly creates a new series of portraits of some threatened animals from land, sea and air for the company’s private collection. The series is at COSI now through September 7, 2015. Jelly Belly is touring the portraits around the United States for display at museums and through animal conservation programs. The collection at COSI consists of portraits of the following graceful creatures: Great Green Macaws, Rockhopper Penguin, Grizzly Bear, Bengal Tiger, Giant Panda, and an Orangutan.

Jelly Belly artist in residence, Kristen Cumings, creates series of Jelly Belly Art including The Masterpieces of Jelly Belly Art displayed at COSI in 2012. Since the 1980s, Jelly Belly Candy Company has commissioned artists to create Jelly Belly Art. Each work can use upwards of 10,000-14,000 Jelly Belly beans. Individual beans are placed by hand and applied to the large canvas.

Nikola Tesla App and Interactive Posters

Nikola Tesla developed alternating current, the “Tesla coil” and other modern marvels. Learn more about the work Nikola Tesla did by using your mobile technology with interactive posters to bring his work to life. Download the app and scan the interactive images to experience Nikola Tesla’s work through augmented reality.

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