Payment & Tax Information

Charitable contributions to non-profit organizations are welcomed by tax laws. Federal income tax laws allow deductions for the amount in excess of the fair market value of goods or services you receive. Tax advantages vary with the gift and the donor’s financial circumstances. COSI encourages donors to consult with their tax counsel or attorneys as to the actual benefit to the donor or to his or her estate from various forms of suggested gift transactions.

Thank you for supporting COSI!

Please download a form on the right and submit one of the following ways:

1) Mail: Send completed form to COSI's address
2) E-mail: Attach form to an e-mail and send to Abigail Rosenberger
3) Phone: Please call COSI’s Development Department at 614.629.3161
4) FAX: Please fax form to: COSI Development Department at 614.629.3150

The tax deductibility of your gift is based on the amount of your contribution, less the fair market value of the benefits you receive. All Donors have the opportunity to waive benefits in order to maximize the tax deductibility of their contribution.