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Big fun for your head and body.

This laboratory in the sun is proof that science is anything but boring. It’s larger-than-life activities are designed to let your inner scientist stomp around and shout out loud. Lift a car with the help of a lever, roll a giant granite sphere, and play with air pressure.

Ready for a workout? Try lifting a 2,437-lb car, or giving Big Science Park’s two-and-a-half-ton granite sphere a roll. With science, it’s a cinch.

Designed and constructed by faculty and students at the Ohio State University, the POD Home is a sustainable, energy-efficient 125-square-foot model home. Small, inexpensive, and made from readily-available local materials, the POD home is a lesson in the positive way that design and engineering can tread lightly on the environment.

The carefully-reconstructed native prairie in Big Science Park resembles the landscape in parts of Ohio before European settlers arrived. During the warmer seasons of the year, you’ll find an array of native flowering plants, including the Royal Catchfly, Prairie Dropseed, and the Gray-Headed Coneflower. Permitting even small portions of Ohio to its native state benefits human health and the environment.